Rehoming Advice

Remember that your pet depends entirely on you to do what’s best for their future, even if you can’t keep them anymore. Finding the right home for them will take time, effort and patience.

Getting Ready To Rehome Your Pet
  • Give yourself plenty of time
  • Call the person you got the pet from

    Responsible breeders will either assist you in finding a new home, or take the pet back to rehome themselves.

  • Identify the ideal home for your pet

    Make a list of what you feel is most important for your pet. What kind of environment does he need? Is he ok with children? Is he OK with other pets? What kind of people would suit his personality & energy levels?

  • Get your pet’s health checked

    Your pet will be much more appealing to adopters if he’s healthy. This includes being desexed – there are enough abandoned pets around & no-one wants to risk their pet becoming a puppy mill prisoner! Ask your vet for a printout of his medical history and start a folder of information about your pet.

  • Prepare a pet profile

    It needs to be positive but truthful, feature the best things about your pet & give people an idea of your pet’s personality.

    • Accurately describe the appearance, size, age, name, breed & if they are desexed
    • Include a good photograph
    • Describe his/her nature and appealing qualities
    • Any limitations the pet might have (e.g. not good with cats or small children)
    • Don’t forget your phone number & the times you can be reached
  • Take a great photo